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GradeApplication Industry Cell Size Curing TemperatureSpecial Properties
Epoxy Resin-Based Foaming BoardSports & Leisure
Rifeng® WHAntennas & Radomes
Aviation & Aerospace
Coarse≤180°CMost frequently qualified aircraft grade
Rifeng® WMedical Technology
Sports & Leisure
Automotive Industry
Antennas & Radomes
Aviation & Aerospace
Medium≤180°CDesigned for resin infusion / small cells
Rifeng® FMedical Technology
Antennas & Radomes
Fishing Floats
Fine≤130°CHigh frequency transparency / designed for radome and medical x-ray table applications.
Rifeng® WFMedical Technology
Sports & Leisure
Automotive Industry
Wind Turbine Blades
Medium≤130°CStandard grade for non-qualified applications
Rifeng® E-LiSports & Leisure
Automotive Industry
Aviation & Aerospace
Coarse Medium Fine≤130°C~180°CDesigned for large production volumes of 1,000 to 30,000 or more complex 3D-foam core parts per year.
Rifeng® XShipbuilding
Automotive Industry
Antennas & Radomes
Aviation & Aerospace
Coarse Medium Fine≤130°C~180°CWith superior property of energy absorption, vibration damping, absorbing wave, inflaming retarding.
Rifeng PVC Foam
Rifeng PET Foam
Rifeng PET Foam (FST)Aviation & Aerospace

Product introduction

The polymethacrylimide (PMI) foam is used as a high-performance sandwich core material, which can simplify the process and shorten the processing time. It solved the issues of coarse pores, easy moisture absorption and easy debonding of honeycomb core materials and the issues that the general foam core material has a low strength, low modulus and low heat resistance.

High Mechanical Properties
Rifeng® PMI foam is the foam with the highest specific strength and specific modulus. The mechanical properties far exceed PVC, PUR, PET and other foam or light wood core material. Using PMI foam to make composite sandwich structure components & parts can significantly improve strength, improve rigidity, save weight, avoid instability and reducing energy Consumption of aircraft.

High Closed-Cell Rate
Rifeng® PMI foam is foamed by solid board, which with higher than 99% closed- cell. The isotropic material makes it convenient to make composite sandwich structure. Especially suitable for hot press molding, autoclave, liquid resin infusion, winding and other medium-high temperature co-curing processes. The skin surface of the composite sandwich structure has excellent aerodynamic features. Also, the high closed cell ratio of PMI foam makes the composite sandwich structure have excellent thermal insulation.

High Heat Resistance
Based on the unique production technology, Rifeng® PMI foam high molecular chain has a
complete imide ring structure and interchain cross-linking structure, which greatly improves the heat resistance and pressure properties of the foam material. Rifeng PMI foam composite sandwich material has excellent heat pressing properties in medium temperature (about 130℃) and high temperature (about 190℃) by mould pressing or autoclave co-curing processes. In contrast, the PVC, PUR. PET will fail at 130℃. Rifeng PMI foam has been treated by high, the residual internal stress and volatiles were eliminated. In the high temperature environment, Rifeng® PMI foam has excellent dimensional and weight stability. Which provides the necessary quality assurance for the manufacturing process of composite sandwich materials. It overcomes the material collapse of PVC, PUR, PET and other core materials in the hot pressing process, as well as the skin bonding is not firm, air closure and other quality issues.

High Fatigue Resistance
Rifeng PMI foam has excellent fatigue resistance and is suitable for composite sandwich structures under dynamic loads. Helicopter composite blades made of Rifeng PMI foam and fiber reinforced materials, its service life is 10 times longer than that of blades made of metal materials. 

Easy To Process
Rifeng® PMI foam is easy to cut to block & sheets and milling. It can be processed into different structural parts by CNC machine. The PMI foam sheet can also be bent into various single curved surfaces by thermalforming, which easily to design and process.

Easy To Bonding
Rifeng® PMI foam has strong polar molecular structure. It will take up only minimal resin at the surface where the cells have been cut open. It is compatible with epoxy resin, BMI resin, cyanateand resin and other resins in the co-curing process of composite sandwich materials. When the required PMI foam thickness exceeds the standard plate thickness, appropriate epoxy resin or other resin can be selected for lamination bonding according to the working temperature requirements.

Low Dielectric Properties

Rifeng® PMI foam has very low dielectric constant and dielectric loss in a wide frequency range. It is suitable for structural substrate and cover (such as aircraft radomes) which need to transmit and transmit microwave.

Low Aluminium Equivalent 
The exposure to radiation, even in minimal doses, is associated with the risk of developing cancer or leukemia. Rifeng® PMI foams with high specific strength, isotropy and low aluminum equivalent to meet X-ray and CT scan transparency and the structural bending stiffness requirement. It is an ideal cores material for X-ray and CT scan tables.

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