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Hunan Rifeng Composite Co.,Ltd’s parent company has long been engaged in R&D of special polymer materials and has an experienced team for polymer product R&D, application research, test, and analysis. The technical team has won more than 100 national and provincial scientific research awards. They have rich experience in the research of specialty foam materials. In 2006, the technical team of the parent company undertook a national project in Hunan Plastics Research Institute, researching on PMI foam for aerospace. After Improving production technology and processes, in 2010 to achieve mass production, and the invention patent was registered in the same year. So far, there have been dozens of invention patents. 

The parent company specializes in the Chinese market. In order to serve more industrial applications and customers, we established Hunan Rifeng composite Co., Ltd in 2018, which is specially responsible for marketing and service of international markets. At present, we have more than 10 grades/models of PMI foam core, which can meet the requirements of various industries with different performance.

We have modern production equipments and experienced production technology. The company has certified ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System, strictly in accordance with it to production and management, to ensure the quality of the products are stable and reliable. By optimizing raw material sources, upgrading production equipments, improving production process, optimizing internal management system, expanding product applications to reduce operation cost & risks and improves product cost advantages . Rifeng® PMI foam has been widely used in aerospace, helicopter, UAV, radomes and other high-end applications, as well as maglev vehicle, automotive industry, medical equipment, sports equipment, electronic audio and other civil industries.

Rifeng® not only have the R & D, production and testing capabilities, but also the high precision, pre-shaped and ready-to-use foam cores in simple or complex geometries can be supplied by us. Shorten production time for customers and improve production efficiency.

Our Mission: To provide stronger, lighter and smarter composite solutions realizing a more sustainable world.

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