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Hunan Rifeng release new product of PVC rigid sandwich structural foam




Hunan Rifeng launches the PVC sandwich structural foam core material Rifeng® P. The Rifeng® P is a universal PVC structural foam.


The Rifeng® P is a closed cell, cross-linked polymer foam that combines excellent stiffness and strength to weight ratios with superior toughness.


It is non-friable, contains no CFC’s, has negligible water absorption, and provides an excellent resistance to chemicals. The fine cell structure offers an excellent bonding surface.


Compatible with most resins and manufacturing processes Rifeng® P is ideally suited as a core material for a wide variety of sandwich structures subjected to both static and dynamic loads. Thanks to its unique lightness, Rifeng® P is the material of choice for applications where lightweight is a priority.


The release of this new product represents our ongoing and strategic effort in providing enhanced solution that meets markets’ demands. Customers now have one more option to choose proper product according to their preference or practical needs.


You are welcome to inquire us via sales@rfpmi.com and you can find more information about this new product athttp://www.rfpmi.com/Product-show-15-RifengP_PVC_foam.html 

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