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Rifeng PMI foam cores used in loudspeaker


The purest sound experience, how to present?


Music as a form of art, we always say that it is ancient and modern, borderless, has a long history.


In ancient times, even if the emperor wanted to listen to opera, he had to spend half a month to invite a band of Orchestra to sing for him.


And in today's  informatization, we use smart audio or cell phones to listen to the world anytime, anywhere. All this is due to the development of modern networks and electroacoustics.

The essence of sound is vibration,sound travels to the ear through surrounding media and causes the eardrum to vibrate. It is then converted into a neural signal (a bioelectrical signal) that is transmitted to the brain and sensed.


So in ancient times, people could only hear and perceive within the effective range of sound.But modern electroacoustics are mimics the principles of hearing and vocal organs.Through acoustic and electrical conversion,to realize the reception, storage, processing, transmission, measurement, playback and application of sound signals.

One of the most important parts is the electroacoustic transducer,The electroacoustic transducers in the range of human audible sound frequency (20-20khz) include microphone, loudspeaker, transmitter and receiver, hearing aid and so on. Most of the devices we use to listen to music are speakers.


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The loudspeaker is a vital part of the speaker, the sound quality of a speaker is mainly determined by the loudspeaker. The vibration part of the loudspeaker, also known as the vibration basin, sound basin, diaphragm. The one in the treble unit is called the dome,this is the key of the key. An ideal vibrator needs to meet two conditions:


E (Young 's modulus)/d (density) should be big

Young's modulus is also called Elastic Modulus, it reflects the rigidity of the material, common says is hard, no matter how hard you hit it, it won't deform.

It seems to be a little different from our understanding of resilience in life. If you want to understand it a little bit more, we can play it back in slow motion. Hardness is the ability to turn a blow into as sudden as lightning and bounce it back. Hit bigger, instant counterattack force is bigger, hit more painful, feel harder some?

Density, it goes without saying, is the weight per unit volume.

Combine the above two parameters, The higher the ratio of E/d, the harder and lighter it is, the more sensitive this vibration basin is to capture and respond to audio signals at high frequencies.

Have appropriate damping

Damping, in this case, is the decay of the vibration. With proper damping, the resonance can be suppressed. In common parlance, it can reduce the various harsh sounds caused by resonance and help improve the performance of the bass region.


Therefore, the full frequency speaker made of this ideal vibration basin can perfectly cover the treble and bass.


In recent years, with the innovative application of many new materials, the full-frequency speakers already cover 50-25 KHZ frequencies. That is, the more the material can meet the above ideal requirements, the more conducive to playing out the sound quality clear and soft.


When it comes to hot materials in recent years, most of us will bethink of fiber reinforced composites like carbon fiber as the new upstart in aerospace. Can it also be used on speakers?


Of course! Don't they work on aircraft structures because they are strong enough to replace metals and light enough to rival plastics?


Isn't that what the speaker material requires?

 1547479306629384.jpg PMI foam 振膜2_副本.jpg

Especially Rifeng® PMI foam as core material sandwich structure composite material, because the density of foam is only 32+/-5kg/m3. Skin with fiber prepreg cloth (can be carbon fiber, glass fiber or aramid fiber, commonly known as bulletproof cloth). Can greatly improve the overall vibration basin stiffness, and can increase the core material thickness, adjust the type of adhesive resin, to achieve different sound effects.


All in all, Rifeng® work really hard to give you the ultimate sound experience.


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