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Rifeng® PMI structural foam cores for medical technology

In medical technology imaging application, the X-ray and CT tables construction needs to be isotropy. During the sandwich structure process, a good compression creep deformation properties is required.

Rifeng® PMI foams with high specific strength, isotropy and low aluminum equivalent to meet X-ray and CT scan transparency and the structural bending stiffness requirement. It is an ideal cores material for X-ray and CT scan tables.

The exposure to radiation, even in minimal doses, is associated with the risk of developing cancer or leukemia. Medical tables for X-ray and CT machine with a structural core made of Rifeng® help reduce the necessary radiation exposure in the operation.

Because of its high strength, only a relatively thin core of Rifeng® with low density is required for X-ray and CT tables, which used to meet the bending stiffness requirements.

The homogenous cell structure of Rifeng® and the resulting even surface distribution of resin leads to low-interference X-ray images for optimal diagnosis. As an additional benefit, the structural foam is easy to process mechanically and can be shaped with thermoforming methods.

Thanks to the Rifeng® PMI foam cores with unusual structural and outstanding properties. It benefits patients, hospital staff, and manufacturers.

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