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Rifeng® PMI structural foam cores for antennas & radomes and electronics


Radomes are widely used in aircraft, missiles, navigation and other fields, the application of radome is also becoming widespread. Because of the high speeds and exposure to foreign bodies, the radomes must meet the highest mechanical requirements and may not interfere with radar beams in any way.


The radome is used to protect the antenna, avoid the influence of environment on the radar antenna under operation, therefore it needs to have good impact resistance & high-strength in bad weather conditions. Especially in the high-frequency condition, light weight is easy to carry and minimize the support structure for the larger diameter antenna structure. Of course, it is also required to be good transparency, can to be shaped into spherical or double curved surfaces.


Rifeng® PMI foam cores have an excellent mechanical strength and are very well suited for thermoforming into spherical or double-curved dishes. Since the dielectric properties of Rifeng® are very close to those of air, the PMI-based foam permits the passage of radar beams without any obstacles.


Because of the properties of Rifeng® PMI foam cores very similar to air, the material also is an ideal for substrates or spacers in antennas. Rifeng® is designed for direct contact with metallic antenna panels. The ultrafine cell structure and guaranteed thickness within an accuracy range of ±0.2 mm make the structural foam an ideal spacer for mobile and stationary antenna technology.


The range of applications for Rifeng® extends from miniature antennas in telephones to large-scale, landship-based antennas. In combination with a copper or Kapton cover skin, Rifeng® is equally suitable for use as a mounting platform for functional antenna components and as spacers.


Moreover,Rifeng® PMI foam cores are ideal for high quality loudspeaker Speaker Cones (Bass Membrane)

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