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Rifeng® PMI structural foam cores for Railcars

Modern rail transportation vehicle changes rapidly. The use of sandwich composite technology in railcars offers a greater choice of design options. In order to ensure the passengers enjoy comfortable, quick, efficient and safe traveling. The lighter vehicle enables trains faster accelerating, moving and braking. On modern railcars, composite sandwich structures in the bottom, ceilings, side walls or bogies of railcars made with Rifeng®  PMI structural foam core material can reduce weight and increase thermal insulation at the same time., providing passengers with maximum personal safety, and space, clean and friendly environment and noise and pressure reduction. Of course, the properties of fire, smoke and toxic are critical points when choosing the core material.


Rifeng® PMI foam is halogen-free, non-toxic and can be used in the interior and front-end of trains.


Modern railcars not only have to be fast and reliable, but also cost-effective. This doesn't just refer to production stage, but also to the entire life cycle costs. Rifeng® PMI foam cores can meet all the requirements.

The PMI-based, self-extinguishing structural foam, Rifeng® PMI structural foam cores can be processed with all available resin systems and offers favorable fire properties in addition to outstanding mechanical strength. As a consequence, Rifeng® PMI foam is found in a myriad of streetcars, commuter trains, speed trains and mountain railways in China. 

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