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Rifeng® PMI Structural Foam Cores For automotive industry

In the automotive industry, lightweight construction in cars and trucks extends the range. The sandwich structure is the most reliable and effective technology to save weight. The use of Rifeng® can save up to 50% of weight in each component.


Compared with metal, the carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) components are still high cost, therefore how to reduce the processing cost is an issue of common concern.


From small-scale trial production to large-scale production, the process technology is completely different. In large-scale production, extremely high level of automation and extremely short process cycle time are required, it requires the processing and material can withstand high pressures (> 30 bar) and high temperatures (~ 180℃). Hence, the foam core material limits the application of the composite material in large-scale production. PMI rigid foam, Rifeng® can meet the requirement of highly efficient processing and the demanding production condition, to achieve large-scale production of three-dimensional complex shaped foam core. Rifeng® E-Li with In-mold foaming technology are designed for large-quantity produce complex and 3-dimensional components.


Thanks to its excellent mechanical properties, even at higher temperatures, Rifeng® E-Li can be used in high-pressure RTM or wet-pressing processes for the quick and efficient production of sandwich components with light foam cores for the automotive industry, for example in car bodies, chassis and mounted parts.


Also, Rifeng® can be easily shaped into complex and 3-dimensional components with thermoforming processes. 

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